CURRENT EPISODE - IHDD 015: Know Your Truth

Know Your Truth, episode 015, I Have Dreams Dammit! Podcast

Don't let your "Inner" sway you from your TRUTH!

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This 10 minute closed-eye meditation is to be either an extension of the I Have Dreams Dammit! Podcast, "What Inspires You?" episode 12, or as a stand-alone meditation.

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I Have Dreams Dammit! is a podcast for those who are pursuing a dream - or living their dream - and want to go a little deeper than just the "go for it" advice.  I truly believe that if you have something screaming inside of you, something that you must do, be, or create, then that is something you must pursue. Like in the book, The Alchemist, it is your Personal Legend. 

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." 

- Helen Keller

Profound and tragic personal loss almost took me out of the game of life, but I survived. Part of the reason I survived is so I can share with others what I have learned on the path towards my dreams. I am bringing my Elixir to my fellow dreamers. I will also be interviewing my professional artist & creative entrepreneur friends to gain a deeper insight into what it takes to launch & thrive in a creative career.

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About Lisa


Lisa's online creative career started when she launched a video blog (a "vlog") about the realities of pursuing her dreams when YouTube first started in 2006, and then later she became a YouTube Partner. Lisa has filmed & uploaded hundreds of videos to her YouTube channel and has around 2.5 million views collectively. Her short video, “Free Hugs in Hollywood” was featured on Yahoo!’s home page and she was the recipient of a Yahoo! Veddy Award for “Best Documentary”. She was the Grand Prize Winner in a national video contest with Entertainment Tonight with her video entry which landed her on the Emmys Red Carpet and a week-long on-camera role with ET.



Trained in filmmaking and storytelling at New York Film Academy in Paris, France, UCLA Entertainment Studies in Los Angeles, CA, at the Hollywood Film Institute, and the Sundance Institute in Park City, UT, Lisa brings her love of storytelling to every project she produces. She worked at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, CA and Warner Bros. Pictures in Burbank, CA. Currently, along with launching this podcast, she has produced a feature-length art documentary which will hit the film festival circuit in 2019. 


Lisa is a managing partner with Grammy-Nominated songwriter/producer, Dapo Torimiro.  She is the Executive Producer of the Christmas album, "Dapo & Friends Christmas" which features David Archuleta, Scotty Grand, Abraham McDonald, Max Schneider, TC, Ginny Blackmore, Gaby Ramirez, Nikki Flores, Robert "Bubby" Lewis, and Stacy Barthe.