You have to get your dream out there, dammit

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Can't see the social-media forest through the links-are-broken-I'm-overwhelmed-someone-please-help-me trees? Schedule a 30-min Bullet Social Media Consultation with me. Get a shot in the arm overview of your online marketing landscape.

Does it flow? Is it clear? Is there something you're missing or not seeing? This is a very valuable investment you will make in your online presence!


  • Your Website - Is it clear? Are the links working? Are you collecting email addresses of your potential "Tribe Members" (people who GET you!) by offering a free giveaway in exchange for their emails?
  • Instagram - Is your bio formatted correctly? Do you have multiple links you'd like to share but you can only post one to your bio? (I can help with this.)
  • Facebook - Do you have everything set up on your page correctly? Does it flow? Are you getting the most out of your Facebook Page by using Groups? Going Live? Posting Stories?
  • YouTube - Are you on YouTube? Are you posting videos regularly?
  • Twitter - Is your bio formatted correctly? Have you set up Lists to stay organized? Do you use #hashtags to find people and to have people find you/your Tweets?
  • Is there a social media platform not listed here that you would like help with? Contact me.


  1. Important & helpful feedback on your online presence
  2. Valuable tips & tricks to get the most out of your social media platforms
  3. A recording of the consultation that can be saved & listened to as many times as you would like!
  4. After the initial feedback I give you, you can ask me any questions you have about social media


  1. Answer the questions in this setup so that I can peep your website and/or socials and get my notes ready before our call
  2. Schedule a time that works before for you. Pick as time when you won't be distracted and you can just focus our call
  3. Pay for your consultation using the Paypal link provided

I can't wait to help you get clear!

Stop wasting time & money

Don't waste your money or your time on confusing website & social media stuff.  Just like I talk about in the podcast, you only need to know the part you need to know to get the job done. 

Get your dream out there, Dammit!


Social Media Strategy Guidebook